Châtillon-sur-Loire en français

Meeting, sharing, entertaining

All year round, the Tourist Information Centre, the City Hall and the 56 organizations of Châtillon-sur-Loire organize numerous artistic, cultural or sports events. Every month sees a new exhibition at the “Espace Culturel”. Summer is the time for the theme walks, city visits, “Arts in the street festival” or “Strange festival”.

Here are the main rendezvous of this year:


Concert of “L’Artscène”: electro, rock, ska, the groups follow one another with just one watchword: have a wild time.


It’s Carnival! Made up and disguised, the inhabitants of Châtillon parade on music in the town’s streets before burning Mister Carnival in a big bonfire.


Municipal cycle race

Big concert by the “Union Musicale de Châtillon-sur-Loire”


L’Exposition de Printemps / the “Spring Exhibition”: an artist’s organization, “L’Amicale des Peintres du Printemps” invites the amateur artists of the region to show their work at the “Espace Culturel”, or community arts centre.


Music fete: in all the centre of the town, it’s the night for all kinds of music. Accordion, wild samba or rock, there is for all the tastes.

Second hand market, organized by the voluntary firemen of Châtillon-sur-Loire. Come and empty your attic in the sun or look up for some marvel sold away by someone else, on the touristic site of Mantelot.

“La Loire en Vélo” fair: the last week-end of June sees the fair of the « Loire à Vélo » route. On the schedule: concerts, activities, boat tours, sports activities.

“Le Trèfle Châtillonnais”: a circuit made of 3 laps to discover by bicycle around Châtillon-sur-Loire, at your own rhythm, alone or with your family.


Night theme walks: some Friday nights, in the summer, nightly walks with different themes are organized in the towns of the canton. Don’t forget your torch.

Bastille Day: in the afternoon of July, 13th, the children create their paper lanterns before parading through the town. On July, 14th, at night, it’s a fair near the lock of Mantelot, with a country diner, dance and fireworks.

The “Arts in the Streets” festival: on the third Sunday of July, artists and artisans exhibit their art works and their know-how in the streets. Shows, concerts and art courses for young’s and for the big.


Mussels and French fries diner, in the street, on August 15th.

Second hand market, organized by the Tourist Information Office, in the centre of the town.


European Patrimony Days: on the third week-end of September, some monuments of Châtillon open their doors for unusual visits.


Saint Cecily Concert in the church by the “Union Musicale de Châtillon-sur-Loire”

Rock Concert


Christmas market. The visit of Father Christmas is already announced…